Philanthropic Initiatives

Dr R. P Chadha receiving ' The Jewel of Uttar Pradesh

Dr. Chadha is not only a great mentor and team-leader but also a dedicated social worker and a philanthropist. There is a long list of his contributions in the area of social welfare and philanthropy. However, a brief description of his major contributions is given below:

  • Free Check-ups & Treatment in Dental Colleges

    I.T.S Dental Colleges, located in Murad Nagar and Greater Noida, offer free dental treatments to the needy populace of the society.

  • Free Health & Dental Camps

    Every week 4 free health camps are organized in the surrounding villages and colonies near the institutions of the group. A team of doctors comprising of dentists, physicians, eye specialists and physiotherapists conduct checkups and treatments in the nearby areas to support patients of poorer section of society.

  • Slum Education Program- ‘Parivartan’

    Under the guidance of Dr. R.P. Chadha, ‘Parivartan – The Slum Education Program’ is initiated by the faculty members and the students of I.T.S. Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad to provide basic education to over 150 children residing in the slums of Sahibabad and Vasundhra in Ghaziabad. These children are provided with stationery, clothes, fruits, cookies, chocolates and other eatables.

  • ‘Utthan’ : A Program to Support Poor Meritorious Children

    The faculty and the students of the group also run a program ‘Utthan’ where meritorious and talented students are identified from the weaker sections of the society and called to the campus for providing knowledge and education in the area of Computer Science, Mathematics, English etc. along with food for free.

  • School for Underprivileged

    The trust has established a school to provide basic quality education at a very nominal contribution of Rs 250/- per month.  The school offers free textbooks, stationery, school uniform and meals to all its students. The school is considered at par with any other English medium school. 

  • Charitable Clinics

    10 charitable clinics are established at various places in Delhi-NCR for providing awareness and treatments to the weaker sections of the society for free or at a very negligible cost.

  • Free Legal Solicitation

    Dr. R. P. Chadha is a founder member of a national NGO ‘Naya Mitra’ which is run mainly by social workers. This NGO supports and provides free legal advice and solicitation to the poorer section of the society.

  • Regular Financial Support to Cow Farm and Dharamshala

    In India, cow is considered and symbolized as ‘Gau-Mata’ and slaughtering of cows is legally banned. Despite the ban, the number of cow slaughter is increasing day by day. For providing protection and shelter to the cows and other livestock, a ‘Gaushala’, in Ghaziabad, is regularly supported financially by I.T.S- The Education Group. Dr R.P. Chadha also provides financial aid to a dharamshala ‘Khukhrain Bhawan’ at Haridwar.

  • Computer Education Training & rehabilitation for Jail inmates

    For the rehabilitation of the jail inmates, Dr R.P. Chadha has donated 30 computers to provide technical education for the inmates of  ‘Dasna Jail’ in Ghaziabad.

  • Free Education to the Children of Jail Inmates

    Many of the children of the jail inmates are being admitted, without disclosing their identities, in the institutions of the group for free. This gives a sense of security and support to these children. Currently, around 20 such students are studying in the institutions.

  • Financial Support to Employees

    Those employees of the groups who earn Rs. 15,000/- per month or less are supported by Dr R.P. Chadha in various ways. A sum of Rs 25,000/- is contributed for the marriages of themselves, their sisters, daughters or sons. Also, the higher education of two children of these employees is facilitated for free.

  • Distribution of Woolen Clothes and Blankets

    Every year in winters, woolen clothes and blankets are distributed to the needy people to fight the freezing winters. 

  • Blood Donation Camps

    Every year, Blood Donation Camps are organized in every college of the Group where all the faculty, staff members and the students participate with great enthusiasm