Chadha Charitable Trust

Chadha Charitable Trust was founded in the year 2010 by Dr. R.P. Chadha – Chairman of I.T.S- The Education Group (Ghaziabad & Greater Noida), although its functional blueprint had already developed in the mind and imagination of Dr. R.P. Chadha who was deeply moved with the realization that there are innumerable children in the country who are not only deprived of vocational and professional training but are also deprived of primary quality education and the basic amenities of life. 

Simultaneously, the bitter truth of the scarcity of healthcare and medical facilities for the poor and middle class people were also making Dr Chadha persistently restless. All this motivated him to make ‘Padhai & Dawai’ (Education & Medicine) his motto for life, which finally gave birth to Chadha Charitable Trust with a vision of making the society aware and free from these issues/problems.

Realizing the need of the poorer and needy sections of the society, both his sons, Mr. Sohil Chadha and Mr. Arpit Chadha joined their father with complete devotion towards this social welfare initiative and mission.